A Visual Register of Unavoidable Thoughts

Photography creates a figurative distance between our existence and the subject of the image that we see; it can cause pain, indifference, or please our eye. Still, there is an intriguing relationship between us, as moving beings, and the motionless contents of an image. My purpose is to give the viewer a chance to stop in front of his or her own intimacies through my mages, and simply reflect.

There is a subtle meaning hiding in the image that we know but can’t explain very often, the underlying thought that is triggered by a visual spur, the feeling of things we see and can’t avoid connecting with.

Continuing with the storyline as a visual language, I take up narrative and convey as message. I often find myself in front of images that are full of evidence of our own humanity; love, time, relationships, and other aspects of spirituality that converge in my work— a visual register of unavoidable thoughts.


The image belongs to a series called “Dream of Flying”. It is a developing body or work.

I am focusing on the illusion of movement and the shortest moments or ksanas (There are two Sanskrit words for measurements of time found in Buddhist scripture, ksana and kalpa. A ksana is a tiny unit of time, approximately one seventy-fifth of a second)







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